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When I think of the future, I imagine the people I will associate with, the family I will have, the things I might own. I wonder about my business and my church, I wonder about life and all of its intricacies; however, I can never really conclude on what sort of life I imagine I want the most. The reason for that is because I don't know about technology and where it will be, how will it change our family dynamics, our work and our society as a whole. Will we still waste our days away in front of the television, listening to music and playing games? or will something else be the norm? I think it's impossible to know for sure, but one thing I do know is that all of these things are subject to the development of new prevailing technology.


Some would say that the new iPhone is a technological feat to be proud of, and there are many people who claim to be well versed in understanding new technology because they understand various aspects of recent popular advancements. But I'm interested in more than that, I'm interested in not just being a market follower, I'm interested in being a market leader as well. I do my best to understand the complexities of recent discoveries to then apply that understanding practically.


One great example of this is this very website. While many of the ideas have been sourced from other places, the implementation of them is a work of my own.

Beyond this, I enjoy discovering and expanding my skill set, and thus far I am knowledgeable about many things, some of which I expand on below. However, when it comes to being a specialist, I don't desire to be an expert on anything, because I am more interested in specializing in people. Foremost I want to excel in the business of others.

My Technical Skills


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