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APM College of Business Communication
Torrens University

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Study & Self-Improvement

When I'm not thinking of what's ahead, I'm actively working toward it.


If you haven't discovered yet I'm a massive advocate for self-improvement, its one of the most important things in life you can decide to do; that's what I believe.


"The single most powerful asset we have is our mind. If trained well, it can create enormous wealth." - Robert Kiyosaki


I can't even begin to tell you how valuable I believe this is, so often it has been said that to die is to stop living and that living is to grow and reproduce. Eventually, our bodies stop growing and our youth becomes fleeting, but our mind never really needs to experience that, it can keep learning and growing for as long as it can be sustained.


I work hard to keep growing and learning, I do so in a variety of ways, one of which you can about below. However, I am also conscious that others don't necessarily share the same view.


APM was established over 25 years ago by a group of industry professionals, Australian Progressive Marketing. They came to education with a vision to transform students into work-ready professionals by offering them the business skills they needed to embark on prosperous marketing careers.


APM’s business courses are designed with careers in mind, providing accelerated and realistic pathways to full-time work or further study. Taught by industry practitioners giving hands-on advice, we ensure our students make a smooth transition into the business world.


Students enjoy the features and benefits APM has always been for small class sizes, dedicated student support, faster and more flexible learning options and lecturers who are connected directly to the industry. Work integrated learning programs and internships provide students with the practical skills and experience on their CV to be in demand with employers once they graduate.

Torrens University

Hubspot Academy
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Although being actively involved in university study, unlike many others my passion doesn't get left at the campus door. In my own time I seek to educate myself that I might learn as much as I can, I love to read blogs and articles in my spare time. Furthermore I am also enrolled at Hubspot as a student learning inbound marketing with their marketing certification and education program.

I discovered hubspot when I was in the process of learning about potential internships. It was a name that came up repeatedly amongst each of the business owners that I met. I discovered it was free and can be done from anywhere by anyone so I decided to take the initiative to explore the potential myself, what I found was addictive.

Hubspot fills my insatiable hunger for growth in understanding marketing. With every lesson I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, I'm rewatching lessons and resitting tests and questionnaires. Hubspot does not just satisfy an intellectual interest, it does so to an extent that is even greater than there is at University.

I'm not the only person to sing enrol and speak highly of taking Hubspot online, but let me be the one to encourage you to try it yourself. It's free and it is something you can put on your Resume, click here to give it a go and connect with me on hubspot.


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