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3 Seconds to Bounce: What are the Key Times to Remember? [E-Marketing]

Key times

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This is the ultimate guide to remembering the most important times you need to know when formulating your next marketing message. Presented clearly in list format and can be read at a glance, without having to sift through pages of research to find the answers you're looking for.

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How long should my videos be?

The first step is to consider where and who is going to be watching your video.

Instagram - 30s

Instagram is filled with visual stimulus which can and will very quickly distract your viewer from your content, it was found that users begin to scroll away from the video after 26s on average.

Twitter - 45s

Twitter has a culture of dialling into short messages, for example by using a 140 character limit. When browsing twitter, viewers are not expecting to spend a lengthy time watching reading anything in particular.

Facebook - 60s

Facebook users are most interested in videos that are quick and grabbing. Content that can make a quick impact but long enough that they can view it and share it for other users to see as well.

Blog - 120s

Remember that the video on the blog is not the content of the blog itself, it's only an introduction or a hook. Something to grab the reader's attention and encourage them to read the rest of the blog. Be sure not to give too little time to introducing them, but also not to spend too much time going over the contents of the blog.

Youtube - 120s+

Of all of the platforms available for sharing video youtube is by far the most generous. While it is recommended to keep videos to a length of 120s; longer videos, up to 5mins can be allocated for explaining topics with content for users who are looking to educate themselves. In some instances, professional seminars or talks which span even hours can even be used to edify the channel's product knowledge and professionalism, even if the videos themselves don't get large viewership.


Viewers bounce from videos after 3s

This means that you have 3s at the start of the video to grab the attention of viewers who are on the fence. Make sure to ditch the opening sequences and skip the lengthy intros, just get the to point. Try to capture the attention of the viewer within the first 3 seconds.

Email Marketing Times:

Using follow up emails or using an automated email system to notify customers of offers or sales also has a number of important key times that need to be remembered.

email opens

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Automated - Tuesdays at 11am

Market research conducted by Hubspot has found that customers are 20% more likely than the average to open an email on a Tuesday, with Monday and Wednesday tieing at 18%. The same study found that between Monday and Friday, the hour between 10am and 11am was the most frequent time for a receiver to open an Email.

Email Marketing Frequency (B2B) - Monthly (min)

Coschedule discovered that across each of the 20 studies reviewed B2B related marketing messages were often done sparingly, with enough contact to maintain a strong relationship, and not so often to be respectful of the client's professional time.

Email Marketing Frequency (B2C) - 2-4 times p/month (weekly - biweekly)

CoSchedule compiled the results on 20 different studies into the recommended frequency of email. Across each of the studies consistent results were found for most fields of email marketing. Not only did Companies find the greatest success with between 2-4 emails sent monthly, it was also found that customers prefer to receive subscribed emails on a weekly basis.

Email Marketing Frequency (Bloggers/Publishers) - Daily

CoSchedule also found that subscribers of blogs and the sale of education products and other similar material preferred to receive emails on a daily basis with the option for a weekly roundup.

clock banner

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Blog Read Times

Average words per minute of an Adult - 300 wpm

It's becoming a very popular trend in blogging to add progress bars and read times to the blog posts themselves. As a rule of thumb the average words per minute read is 300 for an adult, this does extend to 450 for college graduates and 575 for "high level executives." Be mindful of your target demographic and adjust accordingly, but remember to under promise and over deliver on the expected timeframe.

Next time you're looking for recommended times relating to your E-marketing messages, make sure to watch this space. Over time this list will grow and become populated with more significant times and thresholds to use when designing your communications.


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