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Discord, An Uncharted Treasure Trove for Businesses and Professionals [App]

Discord for Businesses and Professionals

Communication is the essence and the heart of efficiency and quality in every venture or undertaking. Every task that we have attempted has been as a result of a communication, and as technology grows so does our ability to communicate with one another in new and varied forms.

However as time goes and the platform for communicating personally and across organizations becomes wide and so varied; the rate of adopting new and innovative communications methods becomes slower. Faxes, Memos and Letters are still the bread and butter for many businesses and organizations worldwide.

Despite a reluctance for innovation, there are many organizations adopting new communication methods. Including group talk and messaging applications including whatsapp and skype for businesses. There is however one application that rises above the rest in terms of capability and flexibility; with the powerful features that we are already using in other applications, and features we never knew we needed.

Click here to see how I've utilized the vast feature pool in Discord both personally and professionally.

Discord, what does it do, why should I choose it and how much does it cost? We get it, we told you this was a something you can use professionally, so enough promotion, lets dig into it.


We can't begin to explore every one of its potential benefits in a single post, that's something you're going to have to discover for yourself. But I will explore a few big ones here

  • 1-click group calling that can connect to up to 99 different devices in a single call. The call procedure doesn't even incorporate a call function, you just click and you're automatically connected to the group from any device or web browser.

  • 0 setup required, while discord is accessible by using their downloadable applications, it can just as easily be used completely from a totally remote web browser on any device. Connectivity is fast and seamless with guest user verification being totally optional.

  • Privacy is totally customizable. As an administrator you can customize your server immensely, every option from banning user groups from seeing channels or past messages, to simply removing the use of emoticons.

There's more:

  • Push notifications

  • Video calling

  • Screen sharing

  • Hotkeys

  • Bots that users can write themselves!

  • A vast selection of server locations to allow for the fastest latency

  • Friends Lists

  • Multiple Channel Text Chat

  • Volume controls on every user (for dealing with the shouters)

  • IP and DDoS protection

  • Easy to use UI

  • Regular Updates and improvements

Student Discord


OK, I know that if you weren't interested before, you're interested now right? But there is still that burning question that you're dieing to ask. How much is it going to cost me?


You heard right, Discord and all of its functions are totally free, there is no cost required to use discord. There is not a cost for personal use, or for corporate use. If however you reallllly insist on paying, there is a low cost cosmetic package called Nitro that gives you access to:

  • Wiggly emojis

  • Wiggly avatars

  • Re-selecting the numbers on your discord username

  • Cross server emoji use (can be restricted by server admins)

  • Larger per-file upload limit. (8MB to 50MB)

  • Higher quality screen share

  • and a little badge


While Discord is a powerful tool for communicating, it was not created with business in mind. Discord itself was designed specifically with gamer's in mind, the logo to the image backgrounds and even the developer communications all specifically reference video games. So I think it goes without saying that because the brand image of Discord does not necessarily give a neutral theme, this application very easily gets overlooked.

There are also a couple of features that discord lacks of which some businesses may be requiring.

Firstly it cannot be integrated into a company's pre-existing system. Because of the closed-source nature of the application, modifying the architecture would be illegal and would often lead to errors depending on the modifications.

Lastly is that it lacks inbuilt Geo-tagging. Although it can still be done through google maps and shared, it does require a few more clicks which can add up for businesses that depend very heavily on this. Saying that, this is a feature I myself imagine will is likely to be incorporated in the near future especially with the introduction of video games like Pokemon GO.

If these things aren't are priority for you or your business, make discovering Discord the next thing you do for your business. Also don't forget to join my discord below:

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